You can now get an alternative to smoking cigarette that is smoke free electronic cigarette. The electronic smoke free cigarette is made from the latest micro- electronic technology that provides you with the same level of satisfaction and allows you to enjoy the best feeling of smoking with no fire, or ashes as found in case of smoking the usual cigarettes. It gives you the same emotional connection and utmost satisfaction as you got from the smoke emitting traditional cigarettes. With the goodness of nicotine as you enjoyed with the prior one, here in this electronic cigarette, your craving for nicotine has also been taken care of. The same smoke like vapour resembles the smoky cigarette lit with fire.

The latest electronic cigarette kit that is smoke free includes all the things needed to get the enjoyable experience. There are several kits, and mostly they come with one fully charged lithium ion battery that can be recharged too as and when needed. The lithium ion battery is provided with a LED indicator light, a USB charger. Some of the kits also have chargers that can be connected in cars and walls also as per convenience. There are various disposable filters; mainly cartomizers and cartridges that may vary from kit to kit, and also possess some difference.

It is important to understand the difference between cartridges and cartomizers.

If the electronic cigarette has cartridge refills, it means there is an atomizer in it, and if the smoke free cigarette kit contains cartomizer refills, then it indicates the absence of separate atomizer because it comes inbuilt into the filter. And if you talk about the cost of the disposable filters, then cartomizers will cost you little more with the goodness of an atomizer inbuilt in it. And in case of cartridges, you will be benefitted as it will be pocket friendly, but you have to replace the atomizer periodically. The life span of cartomizers to cartridges is more as cartomizers last for almost a pack of cigarettes whereas the cartridges provide service for about 5-8 cigarettes. The result or the outcome may vary depending on its usage, the frequency of smoking, the smoking habit, and the inhalation strength.

How to use
The first and foremost thing is that you have to remove the silicon caps from the ends of filter and if your kit contains a cartomizer filter then you have to screw the filter into the battery, and slide the cartridge onto the atomizer if it is a cartridge one. Now the cigarette is ready to be puffed and the LED light would blink with every puff at the end of the battery. But you must keep in mind not to leave the unsealed filter exposed to air as it may lead to the drying of the ingredients. These must be kept out of reach of children and small pets as it may cause choking due to the concentrated nicotine and other liquids.

Puff like you would a regular cigarette. The LED light at the end of the battery will illuminate with every drag.

How To Charge The Lithium Ion Battery

This battery comes charged already in a kit. You have to screw the filter in the battery clockwise after removing the silicon cap. The battery will keep the charge about a day or two which depends on its usage. The LED light will indicate the need for charging, and if you have to remove the filter and screw the battery clockwise into the charger and then plug into an appropriate computer outlet or car or wall. Initially it will take 5 hours to get charged, but gradually it may vary from 1-3 hours. You may stop charging when the LED on the USB turns green from red and cigarette is ready to be puffed.

Charger Types

There are three types of charger USB charger, wall adapter and car adapter which you may fit into desktop, or in your car, or simply on the wall.

Charger Types