This is your new beginning for a healthier lifestyle and making environmentally – friendly living spaces for both you and your surroundings. For safe and effective use of the Electronic Cigar please read the instructions within this user manual before you begin using this product and its supporting accessories.

What’s In a Libre Leon Kit

Product Introduction
The Smoke Free Electronic Cigar is a new alternative to smoking driven
by a micro-electronic technology. It allows smokers to enjoy the tangible and emotional feeling of smoking without the fire, flame, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, ash, stub or smell found in real Cigars. It is reusable by recharging the battery, so there are no buds or ashes to dispose. The smoker will get the nicotine that they crave, and the “smoke-like” vapor admitted will create an illusion similar to the smoke from a real Cigar.

The Smoke Free E-Cigar does not create smoke or tobacco odor, but instead a vapor. It offers smokers the freedom to use this product in Public locations (indoor or outdoor) where smoking is not allowed. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy a smoke free experience without changing your lifestyle and harming your surrounding environment.

Now is the time to join the future of alternative smoking!
Significant Advantages of the Electronic Cigar:
Free of tar and other carcinogenic substances harmful to the human body.
Can be used in public places (indoor or outdoor).
Shielded electromagnetic (free of electromagnetic radiation).

Structure of the Electronic Cigar:
The E-Cigar is an integrated structure consisting of 2 parts; the battery and the cartomizer. Each part has a spiral edge enabling the two pieces to bind to each other. The cartomizer will connect to the battery by simply twisting the spiral edge of the battery. You must disconnect the product the same way you put it together. Remember, before you start to use your electronic Cigar device, you must charge the battery.

Charging of battery
The battery that comes in the kit is not fully charged. You must charge the battery before you begin to use the product. The first charge of your battery should be 6 hours in length, and there after only 2 hours in length. Included in your kit, you will find a battery charger that looks like the picture below;

The input supply voltage of the charger is AC100V-240V 50/60Hz. This charger was specifically designed and dedicated to use with the Smoke Free Electronic Cigar battery.

In order to properly use the charger, please connect the USB charger to the Adapter and the plug into an electrical outlet or socket. You are now ready to place your battery into the charger.

Remember, you are only placing the battery (already detached from the Cartomizer) into the charger. Simply twist or screw the battery into the charger jack. The indicator light on the Adapter will emit the color red. You will know that the charging is complete when the red light turns to green. At this time your battery is now fully charged and you may remove the battery
from the charger by untwisting it.

Since the battery is partially charged the indicator light on the Adapter might stay green when charging for the first time.

Avoid overcharging the battery

Please remember to disconnect the power source of the charger
accordingly. Once you have removed the battery from the charger jack, you may attach the Cartomizer to the battery. Remember you do this by simply twisting or screwing the spiral edge of the Cartomizer to the spiral edge of the battery.

Replacing and Usage of Cartomizer
To replace the Cartomizer open the box included in your kit, and take one individual Cartomizer when opening and screw the into the battery. Each Cartomizer is disposable and contains a certain amount of nicotine and flavor that is equivalent to 1300 puffs or 45 Cigars, depending on your individual smoking habits. You will be prompted to change your Cartomizer when any of the following occurs;
* You no longer taste the flavor
* You do not exhale a vapor

Operating mode:
Once the battery is intact with the Cartomizer, you may begin smoking your E-Cigar. Bring the Cartomizer to the mouth and place between your lips. To activate the device begin by inhaling on the Cartomizer as you would from a regular Cigar. The red indicator will light up when used, and will stop when you stop inhaling. The best angle of using this device is horizontally and it is not appropriate to use it upwards to prevent any small amount of liquid from flowing into the mouth.

Safety Information
The electronic Cigar is not intended for use by minors under the age of 18, non-smokers, persons whom have allergies to nicotine or any components of inhalants, or pregnant and breast-feeding woman.

Please remember to consider the laws and regulations of your region when using your electronic Cigar device. Take precautions when driving, and ensure your strict compliance with the relevant laws.

This is a high-tech electronic product so please take caution to avoid any collisions to the electronic Cigar when carrying it with you as it can cause damage to the electronic Cigar. (Best to be carried in the carrying case).

The nicotine dilution contained in the cartridge of this “Electronic Cigar” is prohibited from direct contact with mucus. No direct entrance to the mouth is allowed.

If the battery is found to be emitting any odor, heat, discoloring, deformed, or has any abnormalities during charging, please cut off the power source immediately and remove the battery from the Cigar body or charger and suspend the use of it.