Congratulations on your purchase of our GoVapor eCigarette kit.

Please read the instructions in detail before use to ensure you master the correct use of an electronic cigarette.

Note: We do not recommend using GoVapor electronic cigarettes and spare parts with Non Govapor products.

Use of Non GoVapor products may result in decreased effectiveness and shortened lifespan, and will void the GoVapor Warranty.

Product Introduction

The GoVapor electronic cigarette (eCig) is an alternative to smoking driven by a micro-electronic technology.

It allows smokers to enjoy the tangible and emotional feeling of smoking without the fire, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, ash, stub or smell found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. You’ll get the nicotine crave and the “smoke-like” vapor creates the illusion of cigarette smoke.

Contents of the GoVapor Kit:

(A) 2 rechargeable 650mAh eGo battery

(B) 2 refillable clear double coil Cartomizer

(C) 1 USB charger cable

(D) 1 AC outlet adapter (US)

(E) Mixing Bottel

GoVapor 650mAh battery

Capacity of battery: 650mAh

Constant voltage output: 3.3V

Switch button protection and better battery protection than the previous eGo series.

Filling your tank with liquid:

  1. Unscrew the mouth piece
  2. Tilte your tank to a 45 degree angle
  3. Drip your liquid slowly into the area shown on image 3a make sure it does not go into the center of the tank.
  4. Fill all the way to 1.6ml shown on the outside of the tank, make sure you dont overfill.
  5. Screw the mouth piece back on the tank.